Qt 5.1 Supports Android and iOS

April 9, 2013 Off By Pavan Tumati

I didn’t plan on writing marketing material for Digia here.  However, as an existing Qt user, I was excited to see this article.  The ability to target Android and iOS will make it easier to take pieces of functionality I am dependent on currently and take them to new platforms.  I’ve often wanted to collapse pieces of well-tested, already written code and just make them function in the mobile space without too much effort.  I like seeing that my original investment in Qt will continue to pay off and extend my reach.

Qt is, in some senses, not as elegant as some of the newer frameworks.  (Developing GUIs, for example, in Microsoft’s .NET with C# is almost relaxing.)  However, the appeal with Qt has always been the cross platform functionality.  It’s simply impractical for small organizations to maintain several different builds and variations for so many different platforms.  Qt enables that flexibility, at least once you get past the quirkiness of doing things the Qt way.

Adding iOS and Android will just make the development experience that much better.