I’ve yet to disclose any of my work on current projects (because the site is new), but the last project I worked on publicly was my old work with the Playstation-2, under the Martinez Research Group.  At the time, it was a popular idea to use gaming graphics hardware to cheaply accelerate mathematically intense software.  The hardware vendors of the time (approx 2002) had not fully rolled out their APIs (such as nVidia’s CUDA or AMD’s ATI Stream.)  So, between undergraduate classes and work, I tinkered with various methods of accelerating basic calculations [1][2][3][4] using the hardware provided — we got some nice press out of the work.

Over the years, GPU acceleration took off.  One notable area where GPU accelerated code took off is in Bitcoin mining.  I hope to explore areas like this in more detail. Of course, Bitcoin is just one of several topics I’m curious about. (Although, I happen to think Bitcoin is the most exciting recent technology development.)

In terms of commercial products, I’ve spent considerable time working in the shadows on deep-rooted technical infrastructure problems.  The last commercial project with any public visibility that I touched (approx 6 years ago) was a small game called Ryokan for the Danger SideKick 3/4, a phone that was popular among younger people prior to the domination of Android and the IPhone.  For Ryokan, I partnered with Moshen Chan, now of Living Earth HD fame on the iPhone.  (I highly recommend you try his app — he is one of my favorite developers.)

-Pavan Tumati


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