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ObjectMutator.js: Generating All (or some subset) of Combinations an Object at the Property (or Key/Value pair) Level

Greetings, internet.  I’m in the middle of a project moving some old Qt stuff to the browser (using Javascript and React.js.)  The project isn’t all that exciting, but sometimes even the most boring projects can turn into delightful programming games and yield insights on where to increase productivity.  Case in point:  how a language’s type…

By Pavan Tumati December 2, 2017 0

My First Experience with Server-Side Swift (using Perfect from – Part 1

  Motivations Most of the work I take on involves languages like C++, Swift, or Objective-C and is not typically web based.  While I’m normally nestled comfortably in the embrace of C++ template meta-programming or the warm walls of an operating system kernel, even I can sense the uncivilized barbarians at the gate (Javascript) and…

By Pavan Tumati November 1, 2017 0