C++11 Idioms Slideshow from Silicon Valley Code Camp

May 26, 2013 Off By Pavan Tumati

I stumbled across this very nice presentation (see below) by Sumant Tambe on C++11 idioms on Google+ and figured I’d stash a link here.

I try to integrate as much C++11 as I can into my projects where I think there would be benefit. However, without reading the C++ programming community’s input on various programming techniques, it’s difficult to know the drawbacks of using a particular method until it’s too late (and costly). Whenever new idioms like this are presented in a clean format like in Sumant’s slideshow, I’m always eager to read about the general consensus/feedback/comments of others.  (Incidentally, Sumant’s blog is a gold mine of interesting C++ techniques; many [enjoyable] hours can be lost there.)

Have a look for yourself: